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GBA ITA TFT backlight kit

GBA ITA TFT backlight kit

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  • Use the lower screen of DSI to transfer, 240*160 display, the display size is the same as the original panel
  • At the lowest brightness, the kit power consumption is 0.15w
  • It has the same display effect as AGS-101, without ghosting, better colors and brighter backlight.
  • It has a memory brightness function and can adjust the partial display window.
  • Add touch to adjust brightness
  • Perfect support for NES game display
  • Suitable for original lens


TFT LCD                                        × 1

Main ribbon                                 × 1

32pin ribbon                                × 1

40pin ribbon                                × 1

Welding line                                × 3

3M glue                                       × 1   


  • 40pin motherboard needs to remove C54 capacitor.
  • Modification requires cutting the shell but not the window
  • If you adjust the display window, you need to weld the select L R key
  • Good viewing angle, but not better than IPS
  • The original lens can be used, the lens is not included in the kit.
  • The IPS lens window is too large and not perfect. It is not recommended to use it together.
  • If you have a damaged NDSI and the bottom screen is fine, you can purchase only the ribbons.
  • New housing adapters are on the shelves, please check the shell page.


Historical Record


2023-02-08:  Added OSD and FRM , Added  Re-optimized touch interaction logic

Long press Two seconds to open OSD function  Enter the menu and press and hold for one second to switch the selection 

Welding  SEL Press and hold for two seconds to enter OSD , Enter the menu and press SEL and hold for one second to switch the selection


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