ITA new AGB TFT backlight kit




  • Use the lower screen of DSI to transfer, 240*160 display, the display size is the same as the original panel
  • At the lowest brightness, the kit power consumption is 0.15w
  • It has the same display effect as AGS-101, without ghosting, better colors and brighter backlight.
  • It has a memory brightness function and can adjust the partial display window.
  • Add touch to adjust brightness
  • Perfect support for NES game display
  • Suitable for original lens


TFT LCD                                        × 1

Main ribbon                                 × 1

32pin ribbon                                × 1

40pin ribbon                                × 1

Welding line                                × 3

3M glue                                       × 1   


  • 40pin motherboard needs to remove C54 capacitor.
  • Modification requires cutting the shell but not the window
  • If you adjust the display window, you need to weld the select L R key
  • Good viewing angle, but not better than IPS
  • The original lens can be used, the lens is not included in the kit.
  • The IPS lens window is too large and not perfect. It is not recommended to use it together.
  • If you have a damaged NDSI and the bottom screen is fine, you can purchase only the ribbons.
  • New housing adapters are on the shelves, please check the shell page.