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Portable USB powered soldering iron set

Portable USB powered soldering iron set

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  • Fully functioning USB powered soldering iron.
  • Small and compact for portability.
  • insant recovery.




Soldering iron                                    × 1

  • Mini Electric Soldering Iron
  • USB Cable
  • Metal Stand

Portable tin(0.8mm 50g)               × 1

ROSH High-Purity Rosin                   × 1



  • Package does not include 5 v adapter, you can use the cell phone charger
  •  Heating up in less than 15 seconds。
  • Cooling down in less than30seconds.
  • Long life tip with a protective cap.
  • Touch the metal point again to re-start work.
  • Sightly touching the metao point on the body of the soldering pen,then the LED light will be lightened up and jop can be started.
  • If leaving the item unused for 25 seconds,the LED light will be turned off and the pen will get into sleeping mode automatically.




  1. Handle the heated soldering iron with extreme care,as the high temperature of the iron can cause fires or painful burms.                          
  2. The fist time you use the soldering iron,it may smoke sightly as the heating element dries out.This is normal and should only last for approx.10 minutes.                                                                                 
  3. Never file the specially-plated tip.Specifications:




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