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GBA Custom Upgraded Motherboard Replacement

GBA Custom Upgraded Motherboard Replacement

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  • Just transplant the CPU and RAM to complete the work.
  • Add standby function and LED light.
  • Replace the sound amplifier Reduce the noise and make it louder.
  • Lead out SEL R L welding points.
  • Add power light for 3V-1.8V multi-color display.
  • Hard power switch to soft switch, service life greatly increased.



  • 1x Upgraded Motherboard
  • 1x Right Gold plated battery shrapnel 


  • Motherboard panel interface is 32Pin, 32Pin/40Pin motherboard can be universal
  • The card slot is completely customized,The slot pins is phosphor copper.
  • Power increase due to audio amplifier,Recommended 8 Ohms 1W speaker.
  • Press and hold the A+B Four second to change the LED light mode
  • Press and hold the SEL+A/B to change the LED brightness.
  • Press and hold the STA+A/B to change the LED light color.
  • Press and hold the SEL+A+B Enter/Out standby mode.The core still works, and only the peripheral hardware is powered off (Only applicable to original carts)


  • This mod requires extensive soldering experience and should not be attempted by a novice. The CPU and RAM are not included and must be transferred from an original GBA motherboard.


Historical Record


2023-02-08:  Replace thin LED With controller,Add sidebar LED Add saturation adjustment function

Press and hold the STA+L+A/B to change the LED light Color saturation

The cart slot pins contact is upgraded to gold-plated

2023-04-18:Add Multicolor LED control mode



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