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DMG RetroPixel IPS Q5 LCD Kit

DMG RetroPixel IPS Q5 LCD Kit

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  • IPS panels are characterized as having the best color and viewing angles.
  • Perfectly compatible grayscale adjustment button for brightness adjustment.
  • Built-in 36 retro color combinations.
  • 11% larger than the original LCD.
  • LCD and the ribbon of the overall power consumption between 0.3 w to 0.8 w.
  • Perfectly mimics the spacing between pixels in early LCDS. Almost the same picture.

   Add LCD mold holder 




IPS LCD                                       × 1

DMG Ribbon                               × 1

Custom installation tape             × 1

Glass Lens                                    × 1

DMG PC board                            × 1

Black Flexible cable                     × 1

Bracket                                          x 1



  • The LCD is very thin and light. Please check whether the sleeve is running normally after receiving the goods and install it on the handheld
  • The DMG kit requires retrofitting the construction of the shell, welding speaker. It takes a little hands-on skill.
  • When the grid line mode is turned on, some game scenes will flash when switching, which is a refresh problem of the motherboard of the game machine itself. There will also be on the original screen, but the original screen refresh rate is so slow that it is not easy to find.
    This does not affect the perfect display effect of IPS LCD.
  • Due to the limitation of the early technology, the DMG motherboard adopts analog sound and has a Noise floor. The assembly of IPS LCD will increase the current of the host and increase the Noise floor, but it is subtle and difficult to detect at a distance of 10cm.
    Cleaning the power switches and volume switches will greatly reduce the Noise floor



2021-03-12: Expand the background color to fill the entire GBP window.

2020-06-08: Added DMG AFTER-SALES IPS LCD

2020-09-13:    Add LCD mold holder

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