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Portable Cart Flasher - BurnMaster

Portable Cart Flasher - BurnMaster

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  • Custom replaceable housing and compatibility with GBP button replacements
  • Compatible with most self-made cart burning, reading, and writing operations
  • Supports genuine card reading and archive writing
  • 800mAh battery for portable power supply
  • 1-inch OLED screen display for clear visuals
  • Supports system upgrades


  • Please format the SD card to FAT32,Place the ‘update.bin’ file in the root directory(SD card not included in the kit)
  • Some functions may require future upgrades

To use the BurnMaster, you will need to purchase the following components separately:

These components are necessary to assemble and operate the BurnMaster device. Please ensure you have all the required parts before using the device.



Firmware Update 


V1.04 Download

V1.06 Download

V1.12 Download

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