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GBC Button LED Kit

GBC Button LED Kit

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  • Breathing light design.
  • RGB color stepless adjustment.
  • Support LED off.
  • Ultra-low power consumption, 0.045W.
  • Support low battery detection.


GBC LED ribbon                                 × 1




  • Clear version is not resistant to high temperature,The welding temperature must be Below 183°C
  • This kit requires a certain welding foundation.
  • The thickness of the GBC button LED ribbon is 0.13mm, in principle, a certain button feel will be sacrificed.
  • Do electrostatic protection before installation to avoid chip damage.
  • In monochrome mode, the middle LED of the AB button is turned off to prevent cross-color


Historical Record


2022-02-19: In monochrome mode, hold down START+A/B to adjust brightness.

                        Change to white FPC.

2023-04-27:Add a new multicolor version.It can independently control the color of each area's LED ,Increase saturation option

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