Tutorial For BurnMaster Assemble

  1. Confirm that you have prepared all the BurnMaster accessories
  2. Install buttons and glue on the front shell,And there are also panels and brackets.
  3. Connect the panel ribbon to the motherboard,Also remember to remove the button protection film.
  4. Flatten the motherboard,Tighten three screws,Put the power switch in place
  5. Particular attention The battery interface follows the image
  6. Cover the back cover with four screws,The last step is to install the cover
  7. Install one side then installing the other side.It requires a little effort during installation.
  8. Download firmware on the BurnMaster product page.Format the SD card to FAT32,Place the ‘update.bin’ file in the root directory.Then insert the BurnMaster.
  9. Turn on the power at any gear,The screen will prompt for upgrade,After successful upgrade, it will automatically enter the system.
  10. You can start flash cart now.
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