Minimum Game Boy Advance|Retro Mini Deconstructed

Minimum Game Boy Advance|Retro Mini Deconstructed

Retro mini - it's said that the shell design originally came from a follow-up idea after the K101.

Screen: full-resolution screen with GBM 240X160. The screen is a little bit blue compared to GBM, and the user reaction is not enough resistance of a resistor. Someone has changed the resistance to warm up the color.

Button: Navigation keys and AB keys is especially good (basically the quality of the original GBA), the L and R keys are too hard.

Hardware: using HYNIX HY27UF081G2M-TPCB HYNIX memory 128MB.


RETRO MINI shell: using transparent acrylic ABS plastic, it looks very beautiful in the sun.

This RETRO MINI is a classic GBA game product, both in appearance and in game performance.

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