How to run nes roms on RETRO MINI GBA

How to run nes roms on RETRO MINI GBA

The RETRO MINI is actually a GBA game for the soft decoding operation, which we can use to convert the nes roms into a GBA format to run on RETRO MIN.
 I have found two conversion software on BBS before, after testing two software each has its advantages. Here is the download address for the software:FC TO GBA

A.thingy V1.1
The unzip file gets the thingy V1.1 folder and runs thingy. exe
1. Open the nes roms that need to be converted
2. Select the saved the address of the converted file.
3. Click save, and the GBA file will be generated automatically.
All three need to confirm that if you do not select, you will go wrong when you run.


Unzip file gets HVCA1.4 folder,
1. Put the nes roms that need to be converted into the ADD folder.
2. Click the merge. Bat to run, at select 1 and press any key to exit .

3. The hvca. Bin file will be generated in the HVCA1.4 folder. All you need to do is change the suffix name and change it to XXX.GBA.


The two software-switching games are not perfect. There's nothing wrong with the GBA game of thingy switching, But the image will be a little shaky. While the GBA game screen of HVCA transform is very good, but the game will run some problems.
If there is a better way to leave a message in my email, I hope RETRO MINI can play the NES game perfectly.

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