GBA IPS LCD Installation Tutorial

In order to allow more people to quickly modify the GBA of their own IPS screen version, we made a tutorial on the relatively centered screen. If you want to be absolutely centered, please refer to the version of RETROMODDING.


 Game Boy Advance IPS LCD Installation Guide

List of items

①   lens

②   adapter cable

③   screen

④   sealant

⑤   foam(Just to make it look simpler)

Preparation tools: GBA Knife Water pliers         

Screwdriver (cross x y)

Remove the 7 screws of the rear case

Two buckles are lifted up, You can pull out the cable.

Separate the original screen from the case and use a hair dryer if necessary It is easier to remove after heating.

Modify the front case with a water pliers.


①   Use the water pliers to remove the protruding part of the red line mark.

②   The screen area is enlarged one turn, otherwise the outer casing will block Some screens display content.

Pay attention to details


Before the screen is changed to the right, the screen on the right side is blocked by the outer casing.


After the change

The modified outer casing is sealed with a sealing rubber ring.


Next, prepare the connection between the cable and the motherboard. And brightness adjustment welding method.


The SEL point of the cable is connected to the TP2 point of the motherboard.


L and R points are connected to the L R corresponding to the main board


40-pin motherboard directly links the motherboard 

32-pin motherboard as shown below

32 needles folded inward

40-pin interface folded down

A layer of insulating plastic film on the back of the screen Don't tear it off.

After the motherboard is connected to the cable, connect the screen. And put the bottom case and battery for testing.


①   like this, plug in the boot test screen Is there a display。

②   Tear off the protective film Prepare to secure the screen to the front case.

Peel the adhesive tape of the outer casing, align it with the screen and stick it on the outer casing.

Install the button conductive adhesive on the front case


Put the foam into the gap between the cable and the motherboard Play a beautiful and insulating role


Board the motherboard screws and put the sidebar switch LR button After homing, install the back cover and finally attach the lens.




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