1. Laminated panels need to be matched with special shells,This kit comes with laminate panel bracket.
  2. Put the panel and ribbon connection into the shell
  3. Trim the sponge and put it into the open area of the panel(The latest version of the support does not need to place sponge)
  4. Cover the bracket,Then weld the buttons contact to the mainboard.(I use 32PIN here, so I need to fold the ribbon,Pay attention to the insulation protection on the 40PIN golden fingers)
  5. Before installing the motherboard, it is necessary to remove the excess plastic of the shell communication interface
  6. Install the rear housing and tighten the screws
  7. The entire installation is complete,Now you can begin to experience the wide perspective experience brought by the IPS panel.

3.0 IPS also provides the OSD menu function to facilitate interaction.

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2022-12-17:  Update bracket

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