Almighty Game Console | 8 Bit&16 Bit Game Console (AV / HDMI version)

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  Almost all available on the market cartridge. Description:Basic performance parameters:1. Enter AC 100-240 V2. Output DC 5V-1500mA3. support TV output, 4.TV signal system:NTSC/HDMI.Power adapter safety instructionsChildren under 3 years...


  • Almost all available on the market cartridge.

Basic performance parameters:
1. Enter AC 100-240 V
2. Output DC 5V-1500mA
3. support TV output,

4.TV signal system:NTSC/HDMI.

Power adapter safety instructions
Children under 3 years old should not be used.
Transformers are not toys.
3. The machine can only use the transformer in accordance with national standards.
4. Turn off the power when cleaning the machine with cleaning fluid
5. Use isolation transformers.
6. This device can not connect to a multi-connected power outlet.
1. Be sure to turn off the power before inserting the card.
2. Do not touch the socket section of the card game.
3. Do not put game consoles, poker, power transformers, etc. in a very hot or cold environment:
1 * Game Consoles
2 * Wired Controller (Joystick)
1 * AV Cable(The HDMI version has an HDMI cable)
1 * 100V-240V power supply (EC matching plug)
1 * Box
1 * Qualified Label


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