4 Pixels-in-1 IPS full viewing GBA Replacement Project


GBA IPS LCD V2 is in stock

  • The four sides are all viewable, and the color is brighter and fuller than the AGS-101 screen.
  • Supports 10 levels of brightness adjustment (requires additional welding of 3 wires)
  • The pixels are four times larger than ags-101, the image is not pulled up, the same proportion as the GBA original screen.
  • It's very easy to install, and if you don't need brightness adjustment, you don't even need to connect any wires. It supports 32pin and 40pin ports.

 Products include:

IPS Screen                              × 1

Transfer Cable                  × 1

Custom Screen Glass      × 1



  • The ISP panel's viewing area is slight larger than that of the AGS-101. In order to make the entire display visible, the LCD requires a lens with a slightly larger viewing area (~1 mm on each side). 
  • Due to the black magic used to create this panel and ribbon adapter, there's a visible diagonal frame refresh that can occur in moments of transition in some games. This is due to the frame buffer. It's subtle and we consider the benefits of the display to outweigh this minimal tearing, but please keep this in mind before you purchase this product. ( not include insulation film in kit )


  • LCD may break under pressure or if dropped. We recommend you exercise care when installing this product.


  LCD Installation Guide



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