The 100 Best Sega Retro Games - Cardridge for Sega Megadrive & Genesis 16-bit


In order not to waste the rest of the memory, we added another 26 games.
* Super 126 in 1 is Multi-game cart designed for play on Original Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Console
* There is 126 Games on single cart with NO REPEATED!
* 126 Selected Games and all great titles!
* This is perfect for you who want to play most Genesis/Mega Drive games on real console.
* Also this is perfect for you who want to play Import games on the budget.
* You Can See a list of games in a picture.


Works on All Original Sega Mega Drive / Genesis PAL NTSC Console
Not working on cheap AT Games Clone Console


Extra Information: 

* You must using 6 button controller to play with this game cartridge.
using 3 button controller will not work.
* Streets of Rage 2 and Bio Hazard Battle will not work on Sega Genesis US console, because game is region locked.
* To Play Golden Axe 2 you must using 3 button Controller, otherwise it doesn't work.
* Game with save feature like Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Monster World IV & Rockman Mega World will not save a file!. Because this game cartridge doesn't have SRAM and battery backup.
* For Playing Space Harrier and Super Hang On, After press start you can see black screen only, to make it work you only need to press reset button, then a game will begin. 

* 112 great games only on single cart!
* Menu selection screen!
* Instant load times!
* Made from brand new material and component!
* Using high quality IC chip inside of cart!