Super 112 in 1 Multicart Game Cartridge for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive


* Super 112 in 1 is Multi-game cart designed for play on Original Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Console
* There is 112 Games on single cart with NO REPEATED!
* 112 Selected Games and all great titles!
* This is perfect for you who want to play most Genesis/Mega Drive games on real console.
* Also this is perfect for you who want to play Import games on the budget.
* You Can See a list of games in a picture.


Works on All Original Sega Mega Drive / Genesis PAL NTSC Console
Not working on cheap AT Games Clone Console


Extra  Information:

* You must using 6 button controller to play with this game cartridge.
using 3 button controller will not work.
* Streets of Rage 2 and Bio Hazard Battle will not work on Sega Genesis US console, because game is region locked.
* To Play Golden Axe 2 you must using 3 button Controller, otherwise it doesn't work.
* Game with save feature like Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Monster World IV & Rockman Mega World will not save a file!. Because this game cartridge doesn't have SRAM and battery backup.
* For Playing Space Harrier and Super Hang On, After press start you can see black screen only, to make it work you only need to press reset button, then a game will begin.

5 Reasons why you will like this retro game cart.

* 112 great games only on single cart!
* Menu selection screen!
* Instant load times!
* Made from brand new material and component!
* Using high quality IC chip inside of cart!


Super Game 112-in-1

001. Contra: The Hardcorps (JP)
002. Gunstar Heroes
003. Alien Soldier (PAL)
004. Vectorman
005. Vectorman 2
006. Midnight Resistance
007. Ex-Ranza (JP version of Ranger-X)
008. Assault Suits Leynos
009. Streets of Rage (aka Bare Knuckle, dual language)
010. Streets of Rage 2 (uncut JP/PAL version of Bare Knuckle 2, dual language)
011. Streets of Rage 3
012. Golden Axe
013. Golden Axe 2 (Beta ROM with stage select & gibberish ending)
014. Golden Axe 3 
015. Alien Storm
016. Maou Renjishi (JP version of Mystical Fighter)
017. The Second Samurai (PAL)
018. Crude Buster (JP version of Two Crude Dudes)
019. Bonanza Brothers
020. Double Dragon
021. Double Dragon II: The Revenge (JP)
022. Double Dragon III: The Arcade Game
023. Battletoads
024. Battletoads & Double Dragon
025. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Return of the Shredder (JP version of Hyperstone Heist)
026. Growl (aka Runark, dual-language ROM)
027. Captain America & The Avengers
028. The Punisher
029. Shui Hu Feng Yun Zhuan (unlicensed game)
030. Yang Warrior Family (unlicensed game)
031. Ninja Gaiden (unfinished prototype)
032. Comix Zone
033. Alisia Dragoon
034. Altered Beast
035. Shadow Dancer
036. The Revenge of Shinobi (aka Super Shinobi, dual language REV0 version with Batman/Spiderman/Rambo/Godzilla etc)
037. Shinobi III 
038. Batman
039. Batman Returns
040. Batman: Revenge of the Joker
041. The Adventures of Batman & Robin
042. Robocop 3
043. Robocop VS The Terminator (PAL version, still region locked)
044. Strider
045. Strider II
046. Splatterhouse 2
047. Splatterhouse Part 3 (JP version)
048. Castlevania: The New Generation (Prototype PAL version of Bloodlines)
049. Hokuto no Ken (JP version of Last Battle)
050. Sonic the Hedgehog
051. Sonic the Hedgehog 2
052. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (no saving)
053. Sonic & Knuckles
054. Mr. Nutz (PAL?)
055. McDonald's Treasure Island Adventure (JP version)
056. Dynamite Headdy (JP version w/release group intro)
057. Rockman Mega World (no saving, JP version of Megaman: Wily Wars)
058. High Seas Havok
059. Rocket Night Adventures (PAL, still has region check, console must be set to PAL)
060. Sparkster: Rocket Night Adventures 2 (PAL, still has region check, console must be set to PAL)
061. Ristar
062. Chiki Chiki Boys
063. Monster World IV (JP, still has region check, system must be NTSC/JP)
064. Hook
065. Mickey Mania
066. The Lost Vikings
067. The Pirates of Dark Water
068. Flashback
069. Rolling Thunder 2
070. Rolling Thunder 3
071. ESWAT: City Under Siege
072. James Bond 007: The Duel
073. Alien 3
074. Rambo III
075. Crackdown
076. True Lies
077. Arcus Odyssey
078. Mercs
079. Sunset Riders
080. After Burner II
081. Space Harrier II
082. Super Thunder Blade
083. Aero Blasters (JP version of Air Buster)
084. Bio-Hazard Battle (US verison of Crying, still has US/NTSC region lock)
085. Battelmania (JP)
086. Gaiares (JP)
087. Darius 2 
088. Thunder Force IV (PAL version of Lightening Force, still region locked)
089. Phelios
090. Zero Wing (PAL)
091. Cross Fire
092. Mega Swiv
093. Elemental Master (JP)
094. Twin Hawk (aka Daisenpuu, dual language)
095. Fire Shark (aka Same! Same! Same!, dual language)
096. Grind Stormer
097. MUSHA Aleste (JP)
098. Vapor Trail (JP)
099. Raiden Trad
100. Twin Cobra
101. Granada
102. Super Hang-on
103. Road Rash 3
104. Outrun
105. Outrunners
106. International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (PAL)
107. Tecmo Cup Football Game (? English version)
108. Slam Dunk (JP)
109. Side Pocket
110. Tiles Mahjong (Unlicensed XXX mahjong)
111. Street Fighter II Turbo (Prototype)
112. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3