EXEQ GameBox Game Boy Advance SP , Real Game Boy Advance Hardware Clone - Red

Product Information

Exeq GAMEBOX is a gaming console in the clamshell type, an analog of the iQue GameBoy portable gaming system. However, unlike the latter, Gamebox has a number of modern improvements: the screen resolution is increased to 320 * 240, the presence of an illuminated LCD screen, thanks to which you can now play in any lighting. Another important feature of Gamebox is compatibility with all Game Boy Advance games: the prefix has been tested with all types of GBA cartridges (single-player and multi-player, cartridges with different memory sizes).


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Product Specifications: 

Display 3 '' LCD, resolution 320 * 240 px
Built-in games are not compatible with all Game Boy Advance games (single-player games and collections, cartridges with different memory sizes)
Power supply lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 800 mAH
Operating time without charging about 18 hours
Features Compatible with games for consoles Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance
Connectors Video output - AV (video + audio)
General characteristics
Part number VG-1632
Configuration console, network adapter, instruction, warranty card
Console weight 130 g
Overall dimensions of the console 83.0 * 82.0 * 25.0 mm
Packing box

Charger                   x1
Game machine       x1
Instruction manual  x1