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BACKLIT GBC TFT LCD / GBC Replacement Version

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1. Without cutting the case, the motherboard does not need any soldering, so you can't hurt your love GBC.

2. Plug and play, ordinary players can also change their own, you can get it in more than 10 minutes.

3. The backlight can be switched, touch-controlled, and the brightness is adjusted in 5 segments. Turning off the backlight display is the same as the original screen, and is also clearly visible in daylight. The highest brightness and highlight SP screen level 1 brightness is similar.

4. Using a special chip to reduce power consumption, using 1800 mAh rechargeable battery, the highest brightness of the screen, LDGB flash card, normal game time 10-12 hours or so (always play a game, no repeated burning)

5. The screen display ratio is correct, 320*288 (four pixels combined into one pixel).


The disadvantage of this screen is that the display area is smaller than the original screen. It is similar to the display area of GBASP playing GBC games. The width is about 40mm, and the original screen is about 43mm. The choice of the big screen and the processing shell can only be compromised.