GBA IPS LCD V2 Replacement kits

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  • Synchronize GBA clock and screen clock to fix the first version tear.
  • Adjust the ribbon appearance, more concise, easy to install, reduce the risk of damage
  • Same as the First version, excellent display screen.
  • Set the initial brightness to 30% and optimize the night brightness setting.

Products include:

IPS LCD                                                  × 1

Ribbon V2                                               × 1

Acrylic fixing strip                                    × 1

3M custom installation adhesive             × 1

Centering lens                                         × 1


  • The ISP panel's viewing area is slight larger than that of the AGS-101. In order to make the entire display visible, the LCD requires a lens with a slightly larger viewing area (~1 mm on each side). 
  • Installation requires modification shell. Bother? CNC Cutting Shell, fast installation.
  • On the basis of the first version adds to the memory device and add a unique algorithm, image smooth without tearing.
  • Add 3D printing bracket to the kit, note that PLA printing will have a little burr, you need to trim it .
  • For V1 version customers , we offer a replacement ribbon service for $15. (only for customers who purchase from my website)
  • You can't pay? you can buy it through our AliExpress Store, and you will also enjoy our after-sales.


  • LCD may break under pressure or if dropped. We recommend you exercise care when installing this product.
  • Please pay attention to prevent static electricity during installation. Wear static electricity bracelet before installation in dry environment.



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Historical Record


2019-08-05:  Change lens to full center lens

2019-08-01: Ribbon add cache and optimize the image                                   processing algorithm. 

2019-09-12 :   Replace 3D printing fixing bracket with acrylic                            fixing strip

2019-09-12    Add LG replacement LCD