Ags-101 Backlight Switch Pro Controller Splatoon 2 Customised version Gameboy Advance

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The printing details of the GBA fuselage and the stickers on the back, including the outer packaging, are all customized according to Splatoon 2 Controller. 

(This GBA is a customized version, the actual inventory is only 2-3. If there are too many orders, we will ship the goods within one week of the order.)

  • 100% made by hand. Every mainboard of the GBA game machine is originally purchased without repairing. (If the machine cannot work properly within half year from the date of purchase, and it was not caused by man-made factors, we will send you the GBA mainboard and other maintenance accessories for free replacement).
  • Original GBA SP screen(ags-101) & the screen backlit FPC customized by the engineers of GBA SP have made the screen more colorful without streaking.
  • Customized mirror screen, treated by ultrasonic cleaning, whose transmittance is better than the original plastic screen.
  • Unique game player cover, back logo and product packaging which are very worthy of collection.

Gameboy Advance Details Optimization

Strict selection of Japan's original

maintenance-free GBA motherboard.


Custom glass lens cover.(More Pervious to Light)

Compare pictures of ordinary plastic and glass

Custom Glass Cover Logo.

3M company 300L SE Model Stickers.

Battery Cover Adhesive

(To make up for the Problem of Shaking of the Battery Cover)

AGS-101 GBA and General GBA Contrast.


Products include:
   1 x DIY Gameboy Advance
   1. Color Box Packing
   1 x Cases
   2 x Screen Protector