116 in 1 Retro NES Game Collection - For Gameboy Advance / SP/ NDSL

* Here is the Brand New GBA NES Game Cart Collection.
                     ( Game Saving is not Supported )

* Game Cardridge can be used for Game Boy Advance, SP Mirco and First Generation DS Handhelds. (New Version NDS Systems don't have GBA Slot)
* 100% High Quality, All Games Will be Tested one By one Before Shipping Out



The game list:

001.Contra1  059.B-Wings 
002.Contra2  060.1942 
003.Contra3  061.Spartan X 
004.Contra6  062.Bomber Man
005.Contra7  063.Front Line 
006.Kage  064.Lunar Ball 
007.Final Mission  065.Golf 
008.JACKAL  066.Baseball 
009.RUSH ATTACK  067.Pinball 
010.LEFF FUNACE  068.Gomoku Narabe 
011.Hero Goal 3  069.Lode Runner 1 
012.Hero Basketball  070.Lode Runner 2 
013.Hero Sporting  071.Mahjong 2 
014.Hero stort  072.Mahjong 4 
015.Hero Fighter  073.Nutsand 
016.Dodge Ball  074.Macross 
017.Hero Ice  075.Star Force
018.Super Mario Bros 1  076.Kung-Fu 
019.Super Mario Bros 2  077.Ninja Kun 
020.Super Mario Bros 3  078.DonkeyKong1 
021.Mario Bros  079.DonkeyKong2 
022.Iiland1  080.DonkeyKong3 
023.Iiland2  081.Mappy 
024.Iiland3  082.Excitebike 
025.Iiland4  083.F-1 Race 
026.Tmnt1  084.Road Fighter 
027.Tmnt2  085.Popeye 
028.Tmnt3  086.Galaga 
029.Tmnt4  087.Pac Man 
030.DoubleDragon1  088.Galaxian 
031.DoubleDragon2  089.IceClimber 
032.DoubleDragon3  090.Exerion 
033.DoubleDragon4  091.Kinnikuman 
034.NinjaGa1  092.Sky Destroyer 
035.NinjaGa2  093.Balloon Fight 
036.NinjaGa3  094.Formation Z 
037.ChipDales1  095.Pooyan 
038.ChipDales2  096.Sicko Charlie 
039.CASTLE1  097.Karateka 
040.CASTLE2  098.Arabian 
041.CASTLE3  099.Antarctic 
042.Dracula Kun  100.Dr Mario 
043.Rockman1  101.Jewelry 
044.Rockman2  102.Chinese Chess 
045.Rockman3  103.Othello 
046.Rockman4  104.Hayachi 
047.Rockman5  105.Quarth 
048.Rockman6  106.Arkanoid 
049.Battle City  107.Arkanoid2 
050.TANK  108.Flipull 
051.Gradius  109.warehn18 
052.Star Soldier  110.Wario No Mori 
053.Goonies  111.Yoshi no Cookie 
054.Legendry  112.Yoshi no Tamago 
055.Tetrisa  113.smallmario 
056.Twinbee  114.Tiny Toon 
057.Ninja Jajamaru  115.Tennis 
058.Citycon  116.Side Pocket 


Package include:

1 x card

1 x plastic protect box