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This game console only supports PAL TV. Please confirm whether your TV is supported.
For more information, please refer to:NTSC vs. PAL

They come in three flavours – the Sonic version, the Columns version & the Beat Em Up version. Each version has 10 games on it – this revie focusses on the Sonic Version, which comes with 5 Mega Drive Games: Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3D, Sonic Spinball & Alex Kidd. There’s also 5 bonus games on there: Air Hockey, Naval Power, Cannon, Fight or Lose & Checker. Say what you like about the bonus games (and I will a little later), but it’s amazing they fit 5 Megadrive games into something this size.


Virtua Fighter Edition / White: 

1: Virtua Fighter2
2: Shinobi 3
3:Golden Axe 3
4: the Tomahawk 1
5: Alien Storm
Five extra games:
6: the snake
7: spiders
8: bottle Taps race
9: 'bomber
10: Hexagonos

Columns Edition / Orange: 

1. Columns.
2 Columns 3.
3. Flicky.
4. Arrow Flash.
5. Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine.
Five extra games:
6.Cross the Road.
7.Plumbing Contest.
8.Maze 2010.
9.Jewel Magic.
10.Fish Tank Live.

Sonic the Hedgehog Edition / Blue:

1. Sonic
2. sonic the hedgehog2
3. sonic the spinball
4. sonic 3D blast
5.Alex kidd
Five extra games:
6.Air hockey
7.naval power
9.fighter or lose

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About the product

  • 10 Total Games (5 SEGA + 5 Bonus)
  • 17 Play Levels to Select From
  • Powered by AAA x 1 Battery (Not Included)
  • Plug & Play on Your TV
  • Package Includes – Nano, AV Cable