GBASP IPS laminated display LCD KITS

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  • With a laminated display the air gap between the display and front glass is removed. 
  • Same as the GBA IPS V2, excellent display screen.
  • Fully centered display
  • Suitable for AGS-101 and AGS-001





Laminated IPS LCD                                × 1

GBASP Ribbon V2                                  × 1




  • Installation need to trim GBASP cover the edges of the shell.
  • Brightness control buttons need a welding wire to Q12B contacts .


  • We offer wholesale, please contact



  • Each set of ribbon have been tested before shipment, please test before installation when you receive it.
  • Please make sure to test after receiving the goods. We have found that many customers have the yellow stripe in the upper left corner of the screen due to incorrect shell modification. These problems are beyond the scope of our after-sale service.
  • Ribbon is very fragile, be sure to install carefully.



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