Copycat GBA/GBASP LCD Announcement


Recently, we found counterfeit and shoddy products suspected of infringing FUNNYPLAYING intellectual property rights in the market and online sales. This product not only infringes on the rights and interests of consumers, but also damages our company's reputation and causes economic losses.

Our team has developed GBA IPS LCD and GBASP IPS LCD in more than a year. Our aim is to provide a new experience for Game boy Advance and Game boy Advance SP and bring more fun to everyone.

From the beginning, it took several months to test dozens of screens. After comparing the performance of various screens and other aspects of performance, we finally decided to use this LG screen. We have experienced many design and test on the ribbon. The cost of each time is not less than 2,000 US dollars. This is not only our funding cost. At the same time, we have invested a lot of time and energy. We encourage developers to create better solutions for LCD connection. But plagiarist completely copied our products on our basis, and their behavior is very shameful. So we make this announcement to inform consumers about it. Only when we resist this behavior will more developers invest in the development of retro games. Let this community  more and more products, but not just plagiarism.

In order to protect your rights and interests from infringement, it is recommended that consumers purchase products from our authorized agents. If you have any problems in purchasing our products, please contact us and thank you for your support of FUNNYPLAYING.



  Date: December 19,2019

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